The Spiritual Midwife Mentorship Program

Starting the 15th of May 2023

Want to Be a Sacred Space Holder & Advocate for Birth? 

Then this Mentorship is for You!

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Natural Birth Support, Education & Community

For Conscious, Natural & Spiritual Women

The Natural Birth Course

Do you Want a Natural & Empowering Birth?

Anna The Spiritual Midwife's Coaching, Courses & Birth Work Services has helped hundreds of women World Wide in having their Dream Birth at Home, in Hospitals, in Birth Centers and Free Birthing.

1:1 Private Sessions with Anna

Get Exclusive Personal One on One time with Anna to prepare for your Birth, Work through your Fears of Birthing, Get Emotional Support or Heal Previous Birth Trauma.

More about 1:1 Coaching

The Natural Birth Course

Online Natural Childbirth Education designed to assist mothers in preparing for and optimizing their chances of having a Natural and Empowering Birth, designed by a Midwife.

The Natural Birth Course

Birth Work

Anna offers Birth Attendance to a few families a year. Invite Anna to hold a safe, physiological birth space and be your sacred birth advocate in any birth setting.

Birth Work

Why take The Natural Birth Course?

If your desire is to have a Natural Birth and an Empowering and Positive Experience in todays Birth World you need to fully Claim Your Birth. Educate yourself on the Physiology of Natural Birth so you can work With your Amazing Body. Learn Natural Birth Techniques. Rewire your Subconscious Mind that has been programmed with the fear based Hollywood Narrative and others projections. Prepare your Modern Body for Optimal Birth. Have a Natural Birth Expert and an Online Community of Natural Mamas in your corner throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond for support 24/7!

Access 24/7

Take the Course in your Own Time

How ever Many Times you Want

In the Comfort of your Own Home

Available on Computer & Mobile app

Online Natural Mamas Community Access through The Village

Monthly Q&A's with Anna

Natural Birth Expert Advice

Easy to Understand Birth Education for an Empowered & Natural Rite of Passage

Important Practical Pre Birth Preparation Body, Mind & Soul

Evidence based Natural Birth Techniques and Tools for Labour

Over 40 Video Lessons given by a Midwife specialized in Natural Birth

Body, Mind & Soul Preparation

Deep Fear Release Techniques

Guidance in accessing your Inner Wisdom and Body's Innate Intelligence

Meditations/Visualizations to Bond with your Baby, for Deep Relaxation &  Dream Birth Manifestation

Village Sharing Circles & Support 

What Mamas are Saying

Women from around the world share about their experiences after taking The Natural Birth Course & working with Anna

Voices about The Natural Birth Course

Mamas sharing their experiences taking The Natural Birth Course



Besides our signature course The Natural Birth Course we also offer The Nourishing Postpartum course which is a comprehensive post pregnancy preparation course holistically helping you to feel confident in all things baby care, breastfeeding, the early weeks with a newborn and healing practices for you as a new born mother. We offer it as a stand alone course or as a part of The Bundle. Included in the Courses is The Village, Annas Supportive Online Community of Natural & Conscious Women.

The Maiden, Mother & Maga Village

Join Anna's Supportive Village Community for Conscious, Natural & Spiritual Women! Access Monthly Village Sharing Circles, Mama's Q&A's with Anna, Resource Library and Monthly Themes & Video Lessons in Feminine Embodiment, Spirituality and Sovereignty! A Place for All Natural & Crunchy Women!


Learn more about The Village

The Maiden, Mother & Maga Village >>>

"Imagine if every girl growing up was taught that she was Magical and that Birth was a Testament of how Powerful and Strong she is as a Woman! Imagine that!"

- Anna The Spiritual Midwife

The Natural Birth Podcast

A New Natural & Positive Birth Story is Released every Sunday!


"I'm Really Enjoying Listening to these Birth Stories. Thank you The Spiritual Midwife"

- Juliet Allen (Australias Leading Sexologist)

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